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La economía neoliberal patriarcal y del porqué el feminismo es anticapitalismo.

Unidas por un máster de estudios feministas, La Trama empezó a gestarse en nuestras cabezas en abril de 2014. Desde entonces, movidas por el deseo de poner en común y proyectar experiencias y conocimientos, hemos ido construyendo lo que es hoy una asociación, cuyas líneas principales son la sensibilización, formación, investigación y promoción de actividades culturales desde una perspectiva de género y, siempre con el objetivo de fomentar un mundo más justo, diverso y respetuoso.

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Strike the pose Yolanda!

L’artista spagnola Yolanda Dominguez

“Poses” is a direct criticism of the absurd and artificial world of glamour and of fashion that magazines present. Specifically, the highly-distorted image of women that they transmit through models that do not represent real women and that avoid all those who are not within their restricted parameters.

These images are virtually the only feminine reference in the mass media and they have a great influence in both men and women when building our roles in terms of behavior and ways of thinking.

Using these impossible  stances of the  fashion publishing houses as a symbol of how  grotesque and unreal this industry is, a group of real women transfer these poses to daily scenes: the queue of a museum, the supermarket or the bus stop, sparking off the reaction of the spectators (on the other hand, regular consumers of these images).

The aim: to make it clear how ridiculous, and at times harmful, it can be to follow these models that the world of glamour impose on us.